Native Title News 2017


Welcome to the website of Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs), who are also more formally known as Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate (RNTBCs). This website is designed as a resource for PBCs and for those engaging with them. It provides information legislation and policy, events, resources and publications, training and running a PBC. Information about individual PBCs are provided in detailed PBC profiles.

When a determination recognising native title is made, the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) requires that native title holders (traditional owners who have had determinations of native title on their country) must establish a corporation to represent them and their interests. These organisations are known as PBCs, but become RNTBCs when they are registered with the National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT). While RNTBC is technically the accurate name for these organisations, they are most commonly known as PBCs.

PBCs have a significant role to play in the management of land and water in Australia. With the increasing number of native title determinations, PBCs have emerged as a key element of the native title system, with 179 currently registered. While the struggle of PBCs has been recognised, there has been little acknowledgement of the resilience and hard work of native title holders who are often forced to provide services without being paid. PBCs need to operate effectively in order for native title holders to discharge their land management obligations, participate in the future acts processes and take advantage of opportunities to derive economic and other benefits from native title.

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