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PBC Profiles

To contact a Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC), please click on the link to their profile below to find their contact information.

Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) hold and manage native title on behalf of traditional owners throughout Australia. They are located in a variety of areas and have unique experiences. The Native Title Research Unit at AIATSIS has created profiles for all PBCs in Australia. The profiles contain information about the organisation recognised as an PBC, including the:

National Native Title Tribunal map These profiles are a work in progress. If you have any suggestions, or would like to contribute material please contact the Native Title Research Unit.

See also the National Native Title Tribunal map, which depicts the locations of all RNTBCs.

Last updated Monday 29 January 2018.




Profiles by State/Territory and RATSIB Area

Below all current PBCs are listed by state and territory, and further divided into their Representative Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Body (RATSIB) areas. The name of each RATSIB area contains a link to the Native Title Representative Body (NTRB) or Native Title Service Provider (NTSP) which is funded to provide services to PBCs in that area. Where a state only contains one RATSIB area the link is found in the state's name.

NB: Please be aware that if a PBC is listed under a RATSIB area on this page it does not necessarily mean that the PBC has a working relationship with the NTRB or NTSP which is funded to provide native title services in that area.

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Cape York

Carpentaria Gulf

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Western Australia

Central Desert

Geraldton and Pilbara



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