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Helen Macpherson Smith Trust is an independent philanthropic trust established by Helen Macpherson Schutt in 1951, for the benefit of Victorian charitable institutions. The sole objective of the trust is to build a strong, just and sustainable community by supporting initiatives that promote positive change.

The strategic aims of the grants include:

  • Building the capacity of charitable organisations and the communities they serve
  • Enabling collaborative projects that can deliver even greater social benefits
  • Supporting initiatives that demonstrate leadership and invest in Victoria’s future leaders
Various dates across 2018. See website for details.
Up to $30,000 (One-off Grants), Total funding between $31,000 to $90,000 (Multi-year Grants over 2-3 years) & Total funding of $91,000 to $200,000 (Impact Grants for up to 3 years)
Organisation / Department
Helen MacPherson Smith Trust
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03 9999 3000
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16 Mar, 2018