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The Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation administers land as a representative of the Arrente people of the Mparntwe, Antulye and Irlpme estates. The Arrente people’ ownership of the land was recognised in the Alice Springs determination of May 2000.

The Alice Springs determination arose from a claim over 166 separate parcels of land within and around Alice Springs. This claim was litigated within the Federal Court. In opposition to the native title claim, the Northern Territory government argued that native title had been extinguished by pastoral leases. This argument was rejected by the Federal Court.

The Court determined that native title exists in whole or part of 113 of the 166 areas claimed: in the remainder, native title rights and interests had been extinguished. In areas where native title does exist, they confer non-exclusive rights to possession, occupation, use and enjoyment of the determination area.

In addition to the Alice Springs determination, the Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation also administers five Indigenous Land Use Agreements and a land release agreement. These agreements concern development within particular parts of the determination area.

Type of RNTBC
Contact name
Robert Campbell
Contact number
08 8953 7240
Postal address
PO Box 5186, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0871
Office Address
5/21 Leichhardt Terrace, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0871
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Date of incorporation
8 Apr, 2002
Date of registration
23 May, 2002
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