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Kwaty Aboriginal Corporation administers land on behalf of the Kwaty and Tywerl landholding groups. Their ownership over the land was recognised in the Aileron (Nolan’s Bore) native title determination of April 2017. The claim was heard together with the Aileron Pastoral Lease claim made by the Alhankerr, Atwl/Alkwepetye, Ilkewarn, Kwaty, Mpweringke, Ntyerlkem/Urapentye and Tywerl landholding groups, for which Irretyepwenty Ywentent Pwert Aboriginal Corporation was nominated as the prescribed body corporate.

In the Aileron (Nolan’s Bore) consent determination, the Court held that non-exclusive native title rights and interests are held by the above landholding groups over an area of approximately 211 square kilometres in the southern Northern Territory, approximately 135 kilometres northwest of Alice Springs.

The determination area includes parts of the Aileron and Pine Hill Perpetual Pastoral Leases. It covers the mining leases granted to Arafura Resources Ltd. for its proposed Nolans Project, a rare-earth minerals mine.

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Tony Scrutton
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C/- Central Land Council, 27 Stuart Highway, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0870
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Same as Postal address
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31 May, 2016
Date of registration
18 Apr, 2017
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