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The Magani Lagaugal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation, administers land on behalf of the Iama people and Tudulaig people. The Iama and Tudulaig own parts of Iama (Yam) Island, Zagai Island, Tudu Island and Cap Islet in the Torres Strait under the Iama Islanders determination (also known as the Tudulaig People determination).

The Iama Islanders determination arose out of an application for native title filed in June 1996. This application was made by Lui David, Charles David, Silen David, Cyril Stephen, Philomena David and Patrick Thaiday on behalf of the Iama People and Tudulaig of Iama Island in the Torres Strait. This original application was altered to combine four other applications made Iama people into one application, and then later in November 2004 to reduce the area of the claim.

This claim was mediated by the parties over eight years. This mediation was conducted as a response the decision in Erubam Le v State of Queensland in December 1996 which determined that where public works had been constructed on the islands prior before the decision native title to those sites would be extinguished. This decision motivated the parties to negotiate to recognise native title rights. The rights recognised by the parties include:

  • Exclusive possession of land, and
  • Non-exclusive right to use the water and things in it for personal, non-commercial or domestic communal uses.

The Magani Lagaugal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation also administers two Indigenous Land Use Agreements made between the traditional owners and Telstra and Ergon Energy respectively.

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Lizzie Lui
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07 4069 0700
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9 Poruma Street, Tamway Town, THURSDAY ISLAND QLD 4875
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13 May, 2002
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25 May, 2005
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